Since ancient times, disciples and followers of the great masters
have exalted with words, gestures and hymns-and also sometimes
by becoming GOD-realized themselves - those world teachers
who *have attained the final reunion with GOD*.

Most of those who read this "have known our BABA for awhile."
Even then, maybe I can be lucky and this story
may give us a message which will deeply touch us:
Recently I phoned someone who has been a disciple
of BABA for a long time. This man, who is well known to BABA and
also to myself, has not come to BABA since more than ten years
because he feels that BABA, ten years ago,
was very strict and hard on him.
But, some years ago this disciple had an accident and
suffered from a complicated fracture in the leg and had to undergo
a difficult operation. After being under anesthesia for a long time,
just as he was waking up, he saw GURUDEV coming his way,
dressed in HIS ruana (poncho). In his reverie,
he bowed with deepest devotion to BABA.
BABA'S hair was touching him and this man could even smell BABA.
BABA'S clothes were touching the face of this disciple
and everything was bathing in extreme light...

We all know that birthdays are related to time and we are all looking
for the quality of time and not so much for the quantity.
And times are changing. A 22nd birthday celebration is completely
different from a 92nd birthday celebration.
Most of us move somewhere in between and if we meditate a little,
we become conscious of the ultimatum which time places on us.
Then, if our Inner Self calls, the Master comes
and gives himself completely to us and sets a fire of devotion,
creates an addiction for divinity which is not satisfied by
anything else. HE acts in different ways, sometimes by pampering,
sometimes with strictness or abruptness and sometimes patiently.
And if you turn your back on HIM, HE would continue, because
HE already sees you as coming from the other side of this little world.
One day, sooner or later, nothing will remain apart from
giving ourselves to HIM in GOD...

On the way to find out and perceive what we really are,
by using the technique of Kriya Yoga, BABA guides from deep within.
When we go deep, we can feel this. Even if we don't go so deep,
HE is still guiding us.
Attunement to HARIHARANANDA is a precious chance because
HE is an extreme lovely GURU. HE wants to pull us into the divine fire of Love.
One day a person from Spain, who has the spiritual power
of seeing auras, came to see BABA. He sat with BABA,
but the moment he turned on his special sight to see the aura of BABA,
he went unconscious. When he came to his senses,
people were asking him what happened. He said that on the very second
he concentrated on BABA'S aura, he saw a big sunball of light which
immediately covered his whole consciousness and then...

Many years have come and gone although our DIVINE unborn
does not live in this time at all.
Paramahamsa Praj˝anananda recently wrote in his biography** about BABA.
In this book you can find a timeless mirror of GURUJI'S lightful life.
Each of us in our own way looks up to our BELOVED.
In the Rig Veda II 4.5, it says:
"...Old and used up, but young again and again."
Yes, HE is old and using HIMSELF up for us,
but HE will be young in our hearts forever.


May 1999
**"River of Compassion"